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Fabrizio Garbolino Photographer

Fabrizio Garbolino

Subscribet to TAU Visual (National Association of Professional Photographers)

Certification Canon Professional Silver

Fabrizio Garbolino is a professional photographer. He launched the PetsPhoto project, specialising in cat photography, at the beginning of 2011, creating the logo and the first version of the website.

PetsPhoto, however, isn’t only about cats. We do photo shoots of all pets, for both private owners and pet breeders.

Given Fabrizio’s background as a computer specialist he can also provide Web Marketing and Design consulting and services, creating packages for breeders that include photo shoots and website creation, as well as ad hoc graphic design consulting.

Our first major customer was the Felinus Aevum – Maine Coon Cattery, recognised by the WCF (, which uses only PetsPhoto pictures to develop and promote its image.

Other breeders also benefit from the photography and graphics skill sets of PetsPhoto in the creation of websites, banners or ads for the web or magazines.

PetsPhoto Milestones

• In April 2011 we start working for all the cat shows organised by the Italian Cat Club AGI, becoming its official photographer.

• In October 2011 we worked with the Italian Federation of Cat Clubs FIAF at the Turin International Cat Show.

• In October 2012 we were invited by the Cat Fanciers’ Association CFA as official photographer for their Genoa show (Italy).

• In February 2013 we were invited by the Club Felino Español ( CFA España ) as official photographer for their Madrid show (Spain).

• In 2012 we started collaborating with the Sprea Editori publishing group, providing pictures for their “Gatto Magazine”, “Argos” and “I nostri amici animali” magazines. Issue 67 of Gatto Magazine also featured an article on our work.

• In 2012 we started collaborating with Edibas on the “Cats Calendar 2013”, distributed nationwide through chain stores such as Unieuro, Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Bennet.

• In 2012 we were invited by the local TV channel Rete 7 Piemonte to take part, as returning guests, in the programme “Saperi e Sapori” as pet photographers, presenting the PetsPhoto project in one of the episodes.

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